Customer Segmentation

Segment, Engage & Retain your most loyal customers

Identify high value customers and encourage your high-spending clients to make more purchases. Build a customized reward program based on the spending patterns of your target audiences and create personalized campaigns with your favorite tools.


Encourage your high-spending customers to buy more frequently

See who your most loyal customers are and provide improved incentives to keep them coming back. Learn more about how to make them happy and identify opportunities to engage and attract more of them.

Segment by total order type, volume and average order value

Segment by average order frequency and lifetime value

Segment by loyalty behaviour (points usage, unused rewards…)

Segment with membership tiers

Connect your segments to your favourite marketing tools for targeted loyalty campaigns

Create custom audiences and transfer data across your existing marketing channels such as Facebook ads and email marketing platforms. For example, you can create tailored marketing campaigns based on a specific product and upsell related items to the right customers.

A comprehensive view of total points earned and redeemed rewards

A detailed breakdown of your earning per customer segment

A live overview of essential metrics like total orders, average order...

Uncover hidden trends in your customer demographics

Compare reward members based on demographics to develop customized rewards for varying segments according to demographic-specific buying habits.

  • See which city and country are performing best

  • Discover which cohorts and age groups are delivering the best results

    Reactivate dormant customers and engage with those at-risk

    Compare points balance and available rewards for high potential dormant customers across segments and incentivize them to come back and redeem their points with the right offer.

    • Analyse points balance and redeemed rewards across segments

    • Improve engagement opportunities with at-risk customers

      Combine Segments and Membership Tiers to increase engagement

      Enjoy substantial bottom-line growth as your customers level up through your loyalty program. Loyaly will show you how their behavior differs based on tier level, types of purchases, order frequency/volume and more.

        • See how your tier members are performing over time

        • Re-evaluate your Tier structure based on key financial metrics like order volume and purchase frequency

        • Make continuous improvements to better position your loyalty

        • program and encourage your customers to move up the ladder

        Meaningful experiences that drives customer retention through 1-1 personalization

        Give personalized and added incentives to your most valuable shoppers. Loyaly allows you to manually add points, rewards and level-up customers who go the extra mile for your brand, like offering an exclusive experience or surprise them with an unexpected offer.

        Reinforce desirable behaviour from your most engaged customers

        Build empathy and emotional engagement

        Get your customers to remain loyal even after a bad experience

        Create an experience that keeps your shoppers coming back

        Use rewards to give shoppers a reason to stay with your brand, and makes it harder for competitors to snatch them away.

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