Loyalty Program

Design a custom loyalty program that drives your growth through the roof

Increase repeat purchase, acquire new shoppers and reward loyal customers through our user-friendly online loyalty program, designed to help growing ecommerce brands make the most of their acquisition efforts.


Maximize your customer lifetime value and increase customer retention with a fully-customized loyalty program.

Customize your program to fit your brand and your shoppers’ unique buying habits

Increase repeat purchase with a unique experience that keeps your customers coming back

Acquire new customers through sign-up bonuses

Use data-driven insights and segmentation to identify your best customers and continually optimize your loyalty program

Measure your ROI and track retention rate, incremental upgrades and purchases and more

Build a true omni-channel marketing loyalty program with our one-click integrations

Customize your rewards

Create incentive opportunities with rewards

Easily define strategic rewards for actions that fit your ecommerce and reinforce desirable activity from your customers to increase your order frequency and customer lifetime value.

Segment with membership tiers

Make your clients feel special with membership tiers

Recognize your top customers and re-engage at risk customers with membership rewards & tiers. Upgrade and let them enjoy the perks of their special status that brings them higher value for every engagement.

Give a specific reward

Give a fixed bonus points

Give a permanent points multiplier

No code loyalty engine

Deploy a loyalty program in hours, not months

You’ll have no trouble setting up your online loyalty program. You can get going in as soon as 10 minutes without the need for a developper. Loyaly includes shopify, magento, woocommerce and bigcommerce integrations.

Loyaly will look and feel like it’s yours

You can customize your widget to fit your unique brand design and color scheme, and make your loyalty program look and feel like it’s yours. Your customers will never know.

Measure and track your profits

Track and measure your retention metrics

Get a complete holistic view of your engagement and retention metrics with our powerful analytics dashboard that lets you measure and optimize your loyalty programs’ performance.


      Keep shoppers engaged with smart notifications

      Reach loyalty program members on desktop or mobile devices with interactions that matter using our notifications and emailing system to let them know about their points balance and available rewards.