Loyalty Analytics

Customer Loyalty Analytics: Measure retention for your online store

Harness the power of data to drive your loyalty programs’ success and growth. Act on real time insights for a deeper understanding of your rewards programs’ vitals and make data-driven decisions to improve your key performance metrics.


Customer loyalty can only grow if you measure it

Our customer loyalty analytics tool lets you track metrics that matter to your business, your points, your customers, your tiers and your rewards. Test hypothesis after hypothesis and make informed decisions about the design and promotion of your loyalty program to ultimately increase your customer retention.


Understand what drives engagement, retention & loyalty

Slice and dice your metrics and create segments from your loyalty programs members to identify customers with higher revenue potential, offer the right incentives to those lagging behind, run simulations to predict expected tier levels and even expand the program.

Analyze retention & engagement trends

Dive in with our customer segmentation engine to uncover your best customers. With segment anlytics, you can discover hidden trends that allows you to tailor your strategy to maximize retention and engagement

Track sales & loyalty analytics

Understand you sales & loyalty data in a global way with our quickview dashboard. With integrated anlytics, we keep you up to date on your most important customer loyalty metrics that you can access and view in a single page.

Filter & segment customer data

Use custom filters to dig deeper into your customer data. Group users that share behavioural or demographic attributes and use this data to create more personalized campaigns

Mesure loyalty & reward redemption

Customer loyalty programs deserve regular updates. With our rewards analytics, uncover engagement opportunities and adjust your rewards to better reflect what your customers expect.


Unified customer profiles

Once you connect your CMS to Loyalty, we combine all gathered data to form a detailed profile that contains all your important metrics. With a couple of clics, you can easily understand the behaviour of clients that are loyal to your brands

Quick actions to drive retention

Get acces to quick actions that allows you to adjust manually points, rewards, tiers, ... With these manual tools, you can offer personalized offers and gifts to your most special clients

Single source of truth

By combining data from your eCommerce CMS and the data generated from your loyalty program, Loyaly becomes your single source of truth of all customer information. Thanks to our direct integrations with the top marketing apps, use these attributes to create unique campaigns that boost your retention.


Metrics & KPIs that matter for your growth

Use our Loyalty Analytics Dashboard to measure your return on investment and track the evolution of key performance indicators such as purchase frequency, customer lifetime value, average order value and more.

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Track purchase metrics and see how your loyalty program is impacting volume and purchase frequency


Measure customer loyalty analytics such as lifetime value, repeat customer rate and more


Monitor the performance of your points system like burn rate and earned points.


Compare your membership tiers and see how your tier structure is performing


Compare your most used rewards and see how your customers are redeeming their points

Keep your customers coming back with a custom loyalty program

Use rewards to give shoppers a reason to stay with your brand, and makes it harder for competitors to snatch them away.

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